Organize an unforgettable birthday party with a unique escape games for your children, which they will talk about for many years to come!

We are the only escape game center in Prague that can offer a combination of themed venue and unique experience only Questerland escape games can offer.

We proud ourselves with the best escape games in Prague, top quality refreshments, friendly staff and new modern venue for your birthday party – EVENT HALL.

We offer 3 escape games suitable for children under the age of 12:

For older and braver children, we offer 2 more escape games:

Children birthday parties in Questerland

Birthday party schedule

Parties in Questerland

Birthday parties in Questerland are held for a minimum of 2.5 hours.


Upon arrival the children are seated at the decorated tale with refreshments and the fun can begin.

The escape game

When the children are ready, the escape game with coach takes place for approximately 60 minutes.


After successful finish of the escape game, we take pictures of the children in the escape game and we provide a small gift for finishing.

The cake and presents

Then it’s time for congratulations for the birthday girl/boy, cutting the birthday cake and present unpacking.

Double fun

If you wish for your child to have double fun, we offer birthday parties for 3,5 hours, where the children can play 2 escape games in succession.

We recommend ordering birthday parties well in advance.

Refreshments options

  • Every proper celebration includes great food.
  • We offer 4 exclusive packages, at least one of which must be ordered for each birthday party.
  • Packages are always prepared for 5 children, in the case of a larger number of participants, the package must be ordered multiple times, or it is possible to order additional products to the already ordered package.
Basic Package for 5 children
  • Hommade raspberry lemonade – 1,5l
  • Water with lemon – 1,5l
  • Popcorn (2 packages)
  • Chips (240g)
  • Salted sticks (200g)
  • Candy (200g)

Price 750 CZK

Pizza package for 5 children
  • Pizza of your choice (ham, salami, quattro formaggi, margherita) – 3 pcs
  • Vegetable crudité – 1 000g
  • Seasonal fruit variation – 1 000g
  • Nachos with melted cheddar cheese, cheese dip – 420g

Price 1 875 CZK

Burger package for 5 children
  • Tray of mini burgers – 10 pcs
  • Vegetable crudité – 1 000g
  • Seasonal fruit variation – 1 000g
  • French fries – 1 000g

Price 1 960 CZK

Strips package for 5 children
  • Chicken strips with baguette – 1 000g
  • Vegetable crudité -1 000g
  • Seasonal fruit variation – 1 000g
  • French fries – 1 000g

Price 1 900 CZK

Drinks are available at the bar and the price is according to the current drink list.

Birthday cake

We offer several options of birthday cakes to choose from.

Price of each cake is 1 200 CZK.

Passion fruit
  • Fluffy cocoa body, filled with passion fruit cream, which hides another piece of light body and raspberry. The top of the cake is spread with passion fruit jelly and decorated with macaroons, chocolate fans and snow meringues.
  • allergens: gluten, egg, soy, milk
Mascarpone fruit mix
Dort Mascarpone míchané ovoce
  • One piece is decorated with a sweet strawberry, right next to it is a ripe kiwi or peach. Soft sponge body, richly coated with great mascarpone cream. The sides of the mascarpone cake are coated in chopped roasted almonds.
  • allergens: gluten, egg, soy, milk, tree nuts
Dort Harlekýn
  • Soft chocolate body, richly smeared with white and Parisian whipped cream. Decorated with pieces of luxury chocolate Excellence from Cacao Barry.
  • allergens: gluten, egg, soy, milk, tree nuts
Nugátový dort
  • The right fluffy cake for all nougat lovers. Sponge cake filled with delicious nougat cream, coated with nougat and decorated with slices of white chocolate.
  • allergens: gluten, egg, soy, milk
Mascarpone with strawberries
Dort Mascarpone s jahodami
  • Sweet, red strawberries encased in a glossy jelly, which makes the cake hold together beautifully and glisten seductively. The sides of the body are wrapped in slices of roasted almonds and the cake is decorated with a slice of luxury chocolate.
  • allergens: gluten, egg, soy, milk, tree nuts
Cake Sacher
  • Dense, very dark and literally full of the best ingredients, soberly complemented by apricot marmalade and full, chocolate frosting. Baked according to a traditional recipe.
  • allergens: gluten, egg, soy, milk, tree nuts

If you wish to bring your own birthday cake, a one-time fee of 400 CZK is charged.


Part of the celebration is a guide who leads the children through the game safely, ensures that the time limit is upheld and makes sure that all the children have fun in the game.

Children under the age of 13 cannot participate in the game unless accompanied by an adult.

We offer 2 options:
  • Coach – a Questerland employee who guides the children through the game and then brings them back to the birthday party. The price of a coach is 400 CZK on weekdays and 700 CZK on weekends.
  • Animator – a Questerland employee who is present throughout the party and who will keep the kids entertained before, during and even after the game. The price of an animator is 1 000 CZK on weekdays and 1 300 CZK on weekends.

Service fee

A service fee is always charged for each birthday party.

It includes:
  • Venue preparation
  • Decorations
  • Refreshments preparation
  • Service at the bar with drinks
  • Cleaning up after the birthday party

On weekdays, the service fee is 0 CZK. (for 2,5 hours)
On weekends, the service fee is 700 CZK. (for 2,5 hours)

Would you like to host a birthday party with us?

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us in the attached contact form, where we will ask you to fill in your contact details, preferred date and time of the celebration, number of children, selected escape games and preferred refreshment option.

The form is being processed and our Event manager will contact you in the next working days to discuss further details.