Experience a nontraditional way of teambuilding with unforgettable escape rooms from Questerland!

We are offering 5 different challenges in one place, in which you can compare your skills with your colleagues or superiors.

We are offering an opportunity to rent a space for a get-together with the capacity of up to 70 participants of your teambuilding. The days of boring company dinners you are trying to leave as soon as possible are over!

Apart from the best escape rooms, you can expect a delicious catering, an accommodating staff and a new modern space for holding your company event – EVENT HALL.

We are offering 5 escape rooms in one place:

Our escape rooms can accommodate 30 people at a time. In case of a greater number of participants, more sets of the games are played consecutively.

Schedules of teambuildings in Questerland


Company events are hold during work days, for slots during the weekends individual agreement is needed.

We recommend to hold the event for at least 3 hours.

Upon your arrival you will be met by a welcome drink, an open bar and refreshments, which are meant to boost you before the escape games

Escape rooms usually last between 60 and 75 minutes in regards of the players’ experience.

After finishing the escape room, a get-together with refreshments and an open bar will be waiting for you. There, you can play board games and it is also possible to order our new service – Escape box.

In case of individual requirements for the event, don’t be afraid to contact us, we will try to adapt the event to your needs.


  • Every company event includes delicious catering.
  • We are offering 3 exclusive packages, while at least one has to be ordered at every event with a get-together, or there is a possibility to create a smaller package from the menu below (recommended for smaller events).
  • We are also offering the option to enrich you package with extra products from the menu below.

For 5 people

  • Chicken strips with baked goods 1 000g
  • Potato salad 500g
  • Mini croissants 10 pcs
  • Mini sandwiches 10 pcs
  • Raspberry cream dessert 5 pcs

Price 2 500 CZK

The package is suitable for 5 people – with greater number of participants it is needed to order multiple packages according to the specific number.


For 5 people

  • Mini burgers 10 pcs
  • French fries and dip 1 000g
  • Wraps 10 pcs
  • Nachos with warm cheddar sauce and dip 300g
  • Brownies 5 pcs

Price 2 500 CZK

The package is suitable for 5 people – with greater number of participants it is needed to order multiple packages according to the specific number.


For 10 people

  • Vegetable and cheese finger food selection 30 pcs
  • Meat finger food selection 30 pcs
  • Meat specialities selection 600g
  • Dutch cheese selection 750g
  • Pretzel roll with meat filling 10 pcs
  • Pretzel mini-buns 30 pcs
  • Mini cream cheesecake 10 pcs

Price 8 000 CZK

The package is suitable for 10 people – with greater number of participants it is needed to order multiple packages according to the specific number.

Choose yourself
  • Vegetable crudité 1 000g – 425 CZK
  • Seasonal fruit selection 1 000g – 575 CZK
  • Local smoked meats and cheese board 1 000g – 900 CZK
  • Mini chicked schnitzels 1 000g – 700 CZK
  • Chicken popcorn and dip 1 000g – 700 CZK

You can create your own package out of these products or add some of them to your already chosen package.

Drinks are available at the bar and the price is based on the current drinks menu.


For every event, the service charge has to be paid.

It includes:
  • preparation of the get-together space
  • preparation of the refreshments
  • staff at the bar for drinks
  • cleaning after the event

The service charge is 150 CZK per participant.


An option suitable for 30+ people.

In case of a big event or a requirement of a private event, we are offering the option to rent the entire Event Hall, while it would be closed for other guests.

Price for the complete closing is 5 000 CZK per hour and substitutes service charge.

Price for the complete closing does not include escape rooms and catering.


We are offering an option of a company event, which includes only escape rooms without the choice of a get-together.

As our escape rooms have different starting times, it is possible to arrange an unification of game times for an additional fee of 30% of the total price.

This option does not include an open bar and a get-together with service.

Would you like to organize a corporate event or teambuilding with us?

In case of interest do not hesitate to contact us in the attached contact form, where we are asking you to fill in your contact information, preferred date and time of the event, expected number of participants, chosen escape rooms and preferred version of catering.

The form will be processed and our event manager will reach out in the nearest work days and finalize the details with you.