NEW aeronautical ATTRACTION in Questerland

For 300 CZK you will get

  • 15 minutes of airborne adventure as a fighter pilot

  • Detailed briefing

  • Selection of batle: the air battle of the Second World War or Modern fighters

  • Incredible adrenaline rush

The Questerland company invites you to get amazing impressions and get a unique experience, with the help of our latest project in the field of aerial rides. Feel the atmosphere of the air battle of World War II or sweep through the swarm of modern fighters in our dizzying simulator.

This attraction will give you true feeling of a flight and complete freedom of action. You can gain altitude, fly at high speeds, perform such aerobatics stunts as a barrel, a dead loop, a corkscrew, and also feel the overload during takeoff and landing. All this and exciting missions will allow you to experience the maximum of the sensations from the game.

The attraction is suitable for children from 150cm in height: in our simulator there is a special children’s mode with a maximum angle of inclination of 60 ° is built in.

The only restrictions are the growth (min.150cm) and weight (max.120kg) of the pilot.