Try a FREE non-standard interesting online game with a moderator and win a prize!

Good day. On behalf of our company Questerland, we are pleased to introduce a new format of online entertainment games – communication strategy games. 6 years of experience in creating classic escape games, as well as organizing online Pub Quizzes, allowed us to create a completely new online product.

Initially, these game mechanisms were used by consulting companies to gamify the processes of improving the atmosphere and increasing team spirit in business teams. We adapted them for online games, but left the most important thing, without which such team games would not be possible:

The games are very interesting.

You will become a winner regardless of the result.

Minimum predestination – the result will ensure only your active participation.

Games develop communication skills

The Galactic Dominance promotion will take place on March 11. at 18:00.
Register today. This game is free, but the number of participants is limited.

Opportunity to try different roles and approach problem solving in a new way

Development of leadership skills and the ability to respond quickly to non-standard situations

Restart your consciousness in today's difficult situation

And of course, take the opportunity to just relax and improve relationships

You don’t need anything other than a computer, laptop or tablet to participate. The game takes place via a video conference call ZOOM. We will send you a link to the conference call and the rules an hour before the start of the game.

Our moderators will take care of everything.

The maximum number of teams is 6. The recommended number of players in one team is from 2 to 5.

We recommend that you prepare some snacks and drinks for the game so that you can enjoy our game to the fullest!

Now it’s up to you, make arrangements with friends, family or colleagues from work.
Create your own teams and experience the War of the Galaxies!

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