Team size:



90 %

Best time:

46 min


60-90 min



The game is not suitable for children under 7 years of age.

What is an escape box?

Imagine taking an entire escape room and cramming it into one portable box. That’s exactly what we did and it gave us an ESCAPE BOX, in which you can solve puzzles, perform logic tasks and look for clues, as in any escape game. The whole box is made thanks to the latest technologies! So the game talks to you, hides various characters and hints. You can play the game in Questerland, or we can lend it to you HOME, for a CORPORATE PARTY or any EVENT that is looking for real fun.

Become wizards and make your childhood dreams come true.

Welcome to the enter exam to our magical school! Just pass the exam and you will become our student. Be careful, the exam is not easy at all, because it consists of several tricky tasks. Can you do it? Ingrit will be with you all the time. She can help you with anything, don’t worry you will never be alone. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the date of your exam! Have fun with the whole family!

Are you ready for adventure in the magical world?


The price is per team

Reviews on Tripadvisor

Something new and very, very interesting for our boys. We would like to come again and try another puzzle.

Daniel R

I had an amazing time at Questerland the other day! It was very fun yet it made me use my common sense and knowledge! One of the best quests I played yet!

Roman B

I highly recommend doing this if you are in Prague! We had lots of fun and it really tests your brain.


It was just great! If You like such games, definitely go! It is also not far from the city centre. Easy to reach.

Wendy R

The exellent quest with the exellent staff. We were a first time, the guy explained us very good. We were exited a lot.

Nikolay W

This was a great experience. Loved the activity but it was very frustrating trying to get all the clues to come together, but it was a worthwhile brain activity.

Cherelle C