Team size:



80 %

Best time:

24 min


60 min



Children themselves can only play the game if they are ALL over the age of 13. Otherwise, adult supervision is REQUIRED.

Experience the magic.

Once upon a time in the secret rooms of the ancient school of wizardry, one whose name can not be spoken, hid 3 secret artifacts. Only one student with his friends could unravel all the secrets of the evil magician, find the artifacts, and keep the balance of the whole world intact. A young wizard, thanks to his magical wand, resourcefulness, and the ability to solve the most difficult problems was able to deal with the strongest magic on earth with the help of only a few friends.

Since then, much has changed. The school lives a life of its own. But the teachers decided to use the secret rooms opened by the wizards to conduct the final exam for the ability to master magic and the ability to find the right solutions in non-standard situations. They recreated artifacts and repeated the exact situation of this historical moment …

Now it’s your turn to pass the tests and hence, pass the final exam … Find out, what are you and your team capable of! Become a real magician for one hour. Escape the room full of magic!

About the game:

The most popular quest in Prague!

Thanks to the latest technologies, you can actually conjure real spells using magic wands, talk with portraits, hear the voices of spirits and other inhabitants of the School of Magic! This is a real magical adventure for both adults and children.


Puzzles and riddles are solved with the help of magic wands.


Decorations and a magical atmosphere.


The price is per team

Reviews on Tripadvisor

Magical escape experience

Charming, magical and fun experience. Delightful and colorful rooms, the puzzles were hard enough for 2 adults. Thank you for Petr + Zuzka, who were a great guides!

The game is nice for kids and parents

We enjoyed the game, it was our first escape game. The children (8 and 10 years old) enjoyed it.The game is well thought out and well developed, we managed to complete it in 69 minutes with three people. Thanks for help from operators Klára and Petr.

Magic experience

Me and my friends grew up with the world of Harry Potter, so this was really magic experience… magic wands, mandragoras, potions, chess… we had a great time! The whole crew was also very friendly, so thank you, especially to Zuzka, Klára and Ája. Looking forward to going back and playing another of your games! 🙂

Highly recommend for escape room lovers

The room was so much fun! Brilliant quests and super friendly host! We had a great time and recommend for anyone 😀 The difficulty was medium, so it’s suitable for all visitors. Best of luck!

Great wizardy experience

Great escape room full of various interactive elements. We really liked, that there were almost no padlock and the mechanisms of the progress were very original. Having a magic wand was amazing!

Magical experience

An excellent experience was made possible by a wide range of electronic interaction combined with physical puzzles. Amazing atmosphere of a magical world. The staff Hanka, Štěpán and Pepa took good care of us. We thank them.

Magical Mystery Tour

Well put-together escape roon with innovative features and great atmosphere! When we left the room, we were already excited for the next adventure that this facility will provide us!