The escape game can be played in English and Czech language. 


In one hour of the game you will visit the planet with the level of development of Egyptian civilization, the cabin of the spacecraft and in the cabin of the alien ship. This is a real journey between different worlds.

New special effects and scenery.

3 atmospheres in one game!

Warning! Nonlinear game!

The key is cooperation, understanding and communication

Enter 2021 with a new level of the gaming industry!

While creating the quest, we were inspired by the stories of the films Star Wars, StarGate and the 5th Element.

Planet Earth is being invaded by evil. It is necessary to collect artifacts of an ancient civilization that have protected our planet 3,000 years ago, but perished by itself. Your team has been sent to collect 4 artifacts.

Your path begins in a distant star system, on the planet Tatuin, where the Gods (aliens) have banned writing. You fall into the pyramid, where there are still mysterious symbols that no one can explain. Here the Gods established the ancient artifact. The technology of the alien Gods has reached a level where you can navigate through portals, but in order to do this, you need to open the portal doors.

You will experience teleportation to the future of civilization on Earth, as well as what its like, travelling in an alien spaceship.

Collect 4 items, go through the Stargate and save the world! 

Difficulty: 8/10

Team Size: 2-5

Escaped: 75 %

Best time: 37 min

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To enjoy a safe and fair game, please note the following rules: You enter the game at your own risk. The game is not recommended for children under 7 years old. Children under the age of 13 can participate in the game only under the supervision of an adult. We would like to ask you to come to the game in time. In case you are delayed for more than 15 minutes, the countdown of your game will start. People under the influence of drugs or alcohol can not take part in the game. Persons who could harm the game or be dangerous to themselves or to their teammates will be excluded from the game (that will be decided by the operators of the game). DO NOT enter the play area with any dangerous items such as knives, firearms, and inflammable items, or any other items that may endanger you or your partner. Making any audiovisual recordings is prohibited during the game. Our operators will be happy to take photos for you after the game. Smoking is forbidden throughout Questerland. A condition for entering the game is to respect the safety standards and game rules by all the players. Persons who do not respect these rules have to leave Questerland.

We offer new attractive discounts of 20% for students (if at least one player has a valid ISIC or school Index)