Team size:



65 %

Best time:

37 min


60 min



Children themselves can only play the game if they are ALL over the age of 13. Otherwise, adult supervision is REQUIRED.

The game is not suitable for children under 7 years of age.

Four stars elements. Three unique spaces.

Enter 2021 with a new level of the escape games!

While creating the quest, we were inspired by the stories of the movies Star Wars, StarGate and the 5th Element.

Planet Earth is being invaded by evil. It is necessary to collect artifacts of an ancient civilization that have protected our planet 3,000 years ago, until they got lost. Your team has been sent to collect those 4 artifacts.

Your path begins in a distant star system, on the planet Tatuin, where the Gods have banned writing. You fall into the pyramid, where there are still mysterious symbols that no one can explain. The Gods placed the ancient artifact here. The technology of the alien Gods has reached a level where you can navigate through portals, but in order to do this, you need to open the portal doors.

You will experience a teleport to the future of our civilization and even travelling on board of alien spaceship.

Collect 4 artifacts, go through the portals and save the world!


In one hour of the game you will visit the planet with the level of development of Egyptian civilization, the cabin of the spacecraft and in the cabin of the alien ship. This is a real journey between different worlds.

About the game:

The key is cooperation, understanding and communication

Warning! Nonlinear game!


New special effects and scenery.


3 atmospheres in one game!


The price is per team

Reviews on Tripadvisor

Great experience

The game was fun, one of the best we have ever visited. Also staff was really kind and helpful. We recommend this escape game.

Star Element

Perfectly crafted escape room. Impressive props and a lot of automated puzzles that worked without any issues. It wasn’t extremely hard, but there were A LOT of puzzles to solve for two people, so we barely escaped after 59 minutes. This room is 11/10. Also, a big thanks to our room masters Zuzka and Hanka for being friendly and helpful. Overall, a very pleasant experience we would recommend to anyone. 🙂

Amazing Experience and exceptional service

The escape room was an incredible experience full of amazing and mind-boggling puzzles. Would like to thank Pepa & Verča who provided us with the right pushes when we were stuck. Highly recommended and definitely a must for whoever is in Prague and enjoy such brain-racking puzzles.

Unexpectedly intriguing!!!

If you’re used to escape rooms with padlocks and keys, you’ll be surprised! This escape room was so far the most peculiar we have ever had. Highly interactive and not obvious at all. We had a good time solving the riddles throughout the different scenarios. A special thanks to Katie and Niky!!! We’ll be back for sure.

Best escape room ever!

Our group had a real blast! The room was amazing, games were fun and operators Viky and Pepa was lovely and helpful. By far the best escape room experience we had. We really recommend to try it out. 🙂

Amazing afternoon

Amazing experience, a brilliant escape game where you use all capacity of your brain and almost all senses. Peter, Niky, and Pepa explained everything before the game and gave us fantastic service during a whole stay.

Top Escape Game

I had with family visited a lot of escape rooms before, but after Star Element, we have agreed, that this was the best of them! Our very good feeling from the game is also undeniable caused by Štěpán and Michal, who had really professional attitude. Go to Questerland, you’ll have an amazing experience!