INTERIOR: 100% re-created bank vault

STORY: original logical puzzles

TECHNOLOGIES: special light and sound effects, electronic locks

MISSION: in 60 minutes become a millionaire or loose everything!

Category of players: cool guys with steel nerves

This story began a long time ago. There is one famous cellar in Prague, right on Vinohrady – a district for businessmen and the wealthy successful personas. This cellar is not simple, its walls saw ingots of gold, patches of dollars, gold coins in small wooden boxes and many other values ​​from which people lost their mind and were ready to go to any extents to get it all.

And all because in this cellar there was a bank vault, which everyone tried to rob in numerous ways, throughout Czech history.

Regimes changed, as did the owners of the bank. Czech Republic went through raging wars and revolutions. When the streets were loud with terror, it was the bank that stood peacefully untouched, kipping within all the treasure of the rich.

And these treasures beckoned to themselves risky people for the sake of instant enrichment. For 120 years there were 17 attempts at robbery and all have failed. The robbers dug trenches, laid explosives, bribed the guards, made armed raids, but nothing was enough. After each attempt, the owners strengthened the security and thickened the doors and walls of the vault.

To this day the bank has stayed clear of robbery, and his evolved into a untouchable “fortress” with technologies beyond todays level of advancement. But you know what they say, great things never came from comfort zones. You are one step away from joining the gang of world class thieves, only one test left. You and your team need to crack the safe door, get inside the storehouse, turn off the alarms, find all the codes from different bank cells, open electronic locks and much more. But getting inside and stuffing bags with money and gold is not enough to complete the challenge. You must also, all escape with your fortunes in hand. The police has almost found a way in and is ready to arrest all of you. Your salvation is behind a small secret door, hidden in the walls of the vault. Find a way out, and become the richest person on Earth, or get arrested and forever wonder what had gone wrong. Don’t spend your whole life day dreaming about the Maldives, rob the bank and make you wish come true!

Well? Lets go rob a bank, or what?!

Difficulty - Middle

Duration - 60 min

Team Size - 2-5

Escape - 90%

Best time - 39 min