Team size:



90 %

Best time:

25 min


60 min



Children themselves can only play the game if they are ALL over the age of 13. Otherwise, adult supervision is REQUIRED.

The game is not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

Are you brave enough to save the world?

After the spread of the terrible virus, humanity was divided into humans and zombies. To protect themselves, the survivors went underground and built cities with life support systems. Meanwhile, the surface of the Earth is dominated and ruled by raging zombies. But people do not give up and have been trying, for decades, to develop a vaccine against zombies, in hope of leaving the bunkers. And then one day, from the underground laboratory of Professor Adams, a signal was received that the final experiment was successful and the vaccine, which turns the zombies back into humans, is found. There was hope for salvation. The underground world rejoiced and celebrated the victory, but suddenly the connection with the professor was lost…

You are a group of scientists from other underground laboratories. Your mission is to get into the professor’s laboratory and find the vaccine. But it will not be that simple. His laboratory is a bunker with its own life support system and radiation protection field from a zombie attack. But even if you can get inside, the vaccine is not so easy to find, because the professor has coded his discoveries due to fear of attacks. You will have to go through the entire experimental path again, decipher his ciphers and codes. It is necessary to work quickly and efficiently, as the system will self-destruct the bunker in 60 minutes.

Humans are waiting for your rescue team with the hope of seeing the sun again.

Their future and the ending to this story depends on you only!

About the game:

According to visitor reviews, game is the leader among the “horror genre” games in Prague, 2017!

An atmosphere of horror, emotions of tension, mystery.

The quest is suitable for both beginners and advanced players.


Technical puzzles and brainteasers are created with SMART HOME technology and INTERNET THINGS.

Special video and sound effects that will consume you into the athmosphere.


Professional scenery at the level of Hollywood films.


The price is per team

Reviews on Tripadvisor

Thrilling Zombie Bunker Escape!

What an exhilarating experience! The Zombie Bunker escape room had a nice set that immersed us in the post-apocalyptic world. Peter’s fantastic intro set the mood, and Zuzka’s positivity and great photo added to the fun. We loved the linear setup, and finding the cure made it unforgettable! Highly recommend!

Thrilling Zombie Bunker Escape!

We did the zombie apocalypse one and it was amazing. We struggled a bit and needed a lot of clues but Domi and Anna helped us through all of it. They were really kind and didn’t get annoyed by the number of hints we asked for. It was so much fun and really interesting. Brain wracking riddles backed by a really wholesome feel. I would really recommend it.

Family birthday trip

First time in Questerland but it wasn´t our first escape room and we loved it!!! The stylized surrounding drew us into the story. It was the first escape game for some of our group. Despite teamwork, we needed some advice. Staff (Hanka+Štěpán+Viky) were super friendly and helpful. We are looking forward to try THE STAR ELEMENT and Moriarty’s phantom trap next time. Thank you for an exciting afternoon. 🙂


I went there tonight with my boyfriend. It was our first experience in an Escape Game, and it was FANTASTIC! The girls from the team of Questerland: Niky, Teri and Hanka were amazing, they helped us a lot during all the phases of the game, they were really nice and helpful. We will definetly go back and try the other settings. I would totally recommend it if you want to have a fun, different time!

Fun time in Prague with some Zombies

On our last day in Prague, my friends and I decided to do some fun activity so we chose an escape room. After some research we found Questerland.. and we weren’t disappointed! Apocalypse Zombie 2213 was really entertaining, the atmosphere was truly zombie-like and it took us quite a long time to figure everything out but at the end with some (a lot) of help we did it. Klára & Zuzka were really nice and helpful from the beginning to the end of our jorney. I can only recommend this place! The only thing I did not like was .. well we weren’t as smart as we thought we were. 😀

Fun escaperoom in Prague

Easy to find the location, a mysterious entrance but it adds to the experience. Warmly welcomed, they explained everything to us really good, the two girls at work (Katie & Anne) were easy to talk to and very attentative and nice. Thank you for a fun experience. We escaped! 😀

Good game

Middle – difficult escape game, with good story and effects. Nikča and Štěpán who were our game guide was very friendly and step into game in the correct time. And just once. Very nicely spent hour.