Team size:



50 %

Best time:

32 min


60 min



Children themselves can only play the game if they are ALL over the age of 13. Otherwise, adult supervision is REQUIRED.

The game is not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

The escape has to be earned.

Many years have passed since Sherlock had to take care of the infamous Moriarty. But Moriarty’s spirit is invincible, and he continues to do evil and lure people into his trap. He does not need money nor fame. He is a PLAYER! He loves to play with his victims. If you fall into his trap, then this game will not be for money, but for your life. Moriarty’s spirit lives off the emotions of its prisoners – your feelings and fears. He still has high hopes to escape hell, where Sherlock sent him back in the day. Or maybe he’s already among us!?

Tick-tock, Tick-tock … You are trapped. The timer is running. There is no turning back. The room master cannot help you anymore. This is not an escape room, this is a real trap, and all that is left for you to do is take advise of a crazy ghost (who may be more alive, than you thought).

Missed me? Are you ready to play a little game?


The escape room itself plays with you (or maybe it is the real Moriarty behind the screen?) – we recreated the image of the best player of all time – Moriarty.


Light and sound special effects, electric locks, not a single key used.


Who is Moriarty? In 60 minutes you need to outsmart this ghost!


By popular demand of the players, we left the best parts of our first Va-Bank escape room interior, but the Escape Room is 100% NEW!


The price is per team

Reviews on Tripadvisor

A different and funny escape room

Exciting and a very challenging escape room! We enjoyed every minute of it. We were welcomed by Pepa and Domi, who explained the game to us in a very understanding way. We recommend this escape room if you’d like to challenge yourself, and good english from the omes who works there.

Excellent Escape Room

Great experience overall, very well planned and challenging quest. Staff members Stephan, Klara and Petr made the whole thing very enjoyable. Would definitely recommend!

Amazing, a must visit when in Prague!

This escape room is absolutely brilliant from the start to finish, our host was very, very good and got into character exceptionally well. A very well done to the team of Michal, Terka and Stepan thank you for your help

10/10 in all ways

I loved the Moriarty’s video messages most… that was so excelent! Also all the puzzles and quests inside were very challenging and interesting. I enjoyed the game so much!

Lukineček M
Great escapegame

It was great escape game. We were 6 ppl there. All quests there were clear and sometimes really hard. Quality of the game was top. We did it in time, so I am proud on my teammates. Our guides were Nikča, Radka, Štěpán. I recommend this game to all ppl who wanna take some fun and use thier brains for something funny.

Fun time with friends

Great experience! We were there for a girls trip, 4 friends, and we managed to escape from Moriarty’s trap. We had a lot of fun with all puzzles inside the rooms. And we experienced also very nice and kind stuff, Zuzka and Terka. We all certainly recommend this escape room.

Great teambuilding

We rented all rooms as company event, with me in Moriarty room, but all colleagues from every room were very satisfied. The quality of the design / decorations was very good and all the quests were guided by clear logic. Great games! Maybe we’ll even come back to switch the rooms 🙂