Team size:



75 %

Best time:

34 min


60 min



Children themselves can only play the game if they are ALL over the age of 13. Otherwise, adult supervision is REQUIRED.

Magic of a new generation.

Mysterious cabinet of the principal of the magic school, wands forgotten on the dormitories, and a spirit in the paintings. That is a recipe for a real magic adventure. Principal is a big fan of the artifacts of mysterious magic. At school, however, rumors are spreading that he has recently become fond of dark magic. Become students of magic school, find magical wands, cast powerful spells, break magic locks and reveal the secrets of the cabinet.

Ready to dive into the world of magic?


Building this game took us 1,5 years.


Playing field of this game is over 100 m2.


We used over 1 km of cabels, magical wands 2.0 – contactless – only true magic.


We paid special attention to the design and decorations – just have a look on the pictures.


You must find your way out – even if you want to stay inside.


The price is per team

Reviews on Tripadvisor

Magical Mystery Tour

The game was amazing, even better than part one. Room guides Terka, Domča and Hanka
were very nice and helpful. We will definitely come again.

So much fun & friendly staff

We did the magic escape room 2 with 7 people (we asked upfront if it is possible to do it with one additional player) and had so much fun. After a warm welcome and kind introduction of Zuzka, Hanka and Niku we could start solving the puzzles/riddles which were very well thought through. The tasks fit very well into the scenes and some of them can be really tricky. We plan to come back and try another room.

Awesome escape game!

We’ve played several escape games before, but this one really surprised us with how interactive it was! Thank you so much for a great experience! We will definitely come back again! We thank our roommaster Štěpán and his colleagues Pepa and Hanka! They were amazing!!

Make yourself feel 11 year old again!

Great experience, catching story, the operator made us feel like we´re 11 again, and got our Hogwarts letter! Štěpán was a great guide, walked us through perfectly!

Great teambuilding in Questerland

It was such a great experiences! I recommend this activity Ti everyone who wants to make a really great teambuilding! Instructors Aja, Klara und Petr are very friendly, nice and can make your experience unforgettable!

Over and over again!

We really liked this game. Well, it was our first experience, but it was a great one. Zuzka and Radka took very good care of us. Well, we didn’t need them during the game, but at the beginning they explained everything so thoroughly and explicitly that it was a great help. If you listen carefully, you won’t need any help during the game. The game was full of so many exciting things that I didn’t know what to do at first, but then you start solving puzzle after puzzle and it opens more doors and you get further. Well, at the end I was kind of disappointed that this is the end. It was so amazing that I wanted to do it over and over again.We really enjoyed the ‘magic wand’ experience! We took our nephew (8 years old) and niece (10 years old) to this game and I must say they really enjoyed it. They even contributed a lot. So I can definitely recommend it to children! Thank you very much for this experience.

Excellent escape game

Excellent escape game for Mum and four kids aged 14, 11, 9 and 6. We had lots of fun, enjoyed every single room in the game. Special thanks to Anička and Pepa!