Tired of sitting at home and constantly watching Netflix, reading the same books and playing the same games over and over? Want to try something new?

If the answer to these questions was YES, we have great news for you!
Our Questerland team has created 4 unique games and you now have the opportunity to play them!
You can choose from several genres:

  • Strategy Games (Galactic Domination, Snow Castle) – where you try to fight for dominance over other players.
  • Psychological role-play games (Jury) – where you try to find out together whether the defendant is really guilty or someone else is the murderer.
  • Competition games (QuestQuiz) – where you compete with other players to see who is the smartest.

All our games are designed so that you have the most fun with them, strengthen friendly relations and so that really anyone can get involved!
It’s easy, in addition, one of our moderators will accompany you through all the games, who will help and advise you with everything!
Now it’s up to you, choose the game you like best, date and time come and have fun!

Our 4 online games will not only allow you to relax for a while, but you will also test your communication skills, ability to work as a team and come up with a suitable strategy.

All our online games work through a ZOOM conference call.
You don’t have to have it installed, but we definitely recommend it.
You will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with headphones and a microphone to participate.
Playing will be easier and more interesting if you enable the webcam on your device.
For more information, you can read the basic information and specifics for each game separately.