Are your students already bored with online learning? Due to the situation, all school events had to be canceled and the team spirit and motivation can be gone.

We offer you an unique opportunity to strengthen the class team spirit even in these difficult times. Students are already tired of online learning, we offer the opportunity to make online learning more fun and show that ZOOM does not have to be just boring. All games support the development of logical thinking and communication, children learn new things without realizing it.

In addition, the games can  be in English or Czech, so it can be part of English lesson.

Our 4 online games not only allow children to relax for a while, but also test their communication skills, ability to work as a team and come up with a suitable strategy.

Online games definitely entertain students, and it’s not just about learning.
Give them an activity where everyone can get involved and feel like a part of the class again.
At least for a while, even though they are not sitting together in the same room.
We know how to do it!
In addition, you will be accompanied throughout the game by a moderator who monitors the dynamics of the team!

If you can’t decide or don’t know what to expect from our online games, we offer a 50 % discount for the teachers for any game from our offer.
You can book it on our website www.questerland.cz, just write in the note from what school you are comming to visit us.

We offer a special price for online games: CZK 200 / student.
Games can be combined in various ways, it’s up to you what you will choose.

Do not be afraid to contact us with an inquiry and please fill out the short form below, we will prepare a non-binding offer tailored to your needs!