We’ve come up with a way how to play an escape game anywhere!
Yes, since today you don’t have to come to us, but we can come to you and cheer up any event you organize.
Isn’t that great? Who can say that they will have an escape game at their party and no one has to travel anywhere.

Thanks to the latest technologies, you will experience the same fun as if you were in one of our escape rooms.
You are looking for clues, solving puzzles, completing logic tasks and trying to win the game.
The game also has built-in various sounds and voices that communicate with you, give you hints or try to provoke you.

Lets make the best event ever!
The escape box is suitable for parties, firm events, school events (we also have an educational game with a space theme), celebrations, or just at home, to enjoy non-traditional fun with your family.

Choose from our 3 unique games! Thanks to different topics, everyone can choose the best for him/her and we guarantee that you will not be bored with any of them.

The game is designed for 1 – 8 players.
We will bring the escape box to the place you have specified, prepare it for operation and then launch it for you.
Along with the game, we will send you a member of our team, who will oversee its flawless function throughout the game.
The duration of one game is about 60 minutes.
The game is suitable for players from the age of 10, but we recommend that you always have at least one adult in the team up to the age of 15.

Renting the game with transport and our employee, who will be available to you, costs 2 900 for one hour of play.
There is a surcharge of 1 500 for each additional hour started.