Top 10 apocalyptic movies

Films with apocalyptic themes are very popular. And they have the same basis – the mother Earth is hit by something ugly and the survivors have to deal with the new world order and all sorts of other pitfalls. Their artistic value is in some cases not vast, but there are pieces that are certainly worth a look.

Climate and UFO

For example, The Day After Tomorrow depicts the extreme effects of global warming on the Earth’s climate and same in Waterworld with Kevin Costner. Also aliens might be responsible for the destruction of our planet. George Wells has worked with this idea in his 1898 War of the Worlds. His most recent film work was in 2005, starring Tom Cruise. In the same year, a successful action ride Mad Max: The Mad Road was released, a remake of Mad Max with Mel Gibson from the late 70s and early 80s, set in a desolate country where very unorthodox groups and gangs rule. With the vision of an apocalyptic future, also the Terminator series works – machines have taken control of the earth and with the help of killer robots, are trying to wipe out the remains of humanity. The film Equilibrium depicts the vision of the world after the Third World War. The company is bound by harsh and strict rules, where any emotions are not allowed, and specially trained agents watch over everything. In some way, the post-apocalyptic future is also described by films inspired by Pierre Boull’s Planet of the Monkeys, in which monkeys have exchanged places with people on the social ladder.


Another category is zombie-themed movies where the dead do not behave as dead and usually terrorize the rest of the normal population. The idea is not really hilarious, but this view can change the comedy Shaun of the Dead – a successful parody of the forefather of all zombie horrors, Dawn of the Dead. And beware, we Czechs can also take it – On the Comet, the work of the brilliant Karel Zeman, inspired by the no less brilliant Jules Verne, describes the adventures of people who find themselves on the way through space. Other themes are depopulated cities, aggressive viral infections, or a handful of chosen ones, trying to reverse the very fatal destiny of humanity – films 28 Days Later or I Am Legend could be a shining example.

And we in Questerland got inspired similarly so how about to taste the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world?