Types of escape games

Just like other games Escape games differ from each other in terms of complexity, number of potential players, age restrictions, subject, duration, target group of players, popularity and so on. Here you will find the basic classification and their characteristics.

We hope our brief review will help you understand the real world of games and choose the one that suits your needs and interests in a best way. We will highlight some criterias and tell you about each of them.


For kids and adults, and for the whole family

Some escape rooms are designated for adults and children, so they have their own age limits due to game specifications, which are always set forth in the game information.

However, most rooms are quite versatile and suitable for all ages, so if you want to organize leisure for the whole family, then the choice of the game everyone like will not pose any difficulty.


“Easy” to “nightmare”

Such as any other game, each escape game has its difficulty level. You may choose easy, middle or hard difficulty.  Some people prefer simple tasks, the completion of which will not take much time and effort, while others will like the game on hard difficulty, filled with a variety of intricate puzzles and riddles, which are solved really hard. But you can always choose a middle ground.

If you are going to participate in an escape game for the first time, we advise you to choose the easy level. It will be easier to understand the game mechanics. If you are an experienced player, feel free to choose the more difficult level.  Everything depends on your preferences, abilities and experience.


Single or multiplayer?

This is one of the main criterias. The most common are the games where up to 5 members can participate. But there are games designated for single player.  Typically, the number of participants is closely associated with the game difficulty level and the plot.  Therefore, it is logical that for simple tasks only one or two people are enough, for completion of the complex and intricate scenarios every extra pair of eyes is useful.

But most scenarios are created for 2 or 4 participants.


Time flies…

Of course, all of these factors affect the overall duration of the exit game. Most often the game lasts for 60 minutes. But there are also such that last up to 90 minutes or even 40 minutes. Again, everything depends on the level of complexity, number of participants and the script. It may seem, that 60 minutes is enough, but let us assure you – time flies, and for some complex tasks you may need some extra time.  So if it usually takes you a long time to think about the solution, you are attentive to details and have perseverance – choose a game that lasts longer. If you are type of person who quickly finds solutions and enjoys a dynamic and fast game, feel free to try the game with a time limit.


Atmosphere and topic are essential

Probably, it’s the most interesting topic, that’s why we would like to describe it more.  There are classic quests, performance quests, escape rooms, real-time quests, or action quests, and their contents and main idea is mostly hidden in their name.    Choose any of these types that suits you best. In case you are physically active person and would like to play something like Fort Boyard – choose the action quest. In case you’d like to act just like in a movie – choose the performance one. These are the most interesting types, and they should rather be experienced, than to be talked about…


Popularity moves the progress

Popularity is mostly made by the references of the participated players.  If you participate in the game, you may comment and rate it, and the overall rating will be based upon it. Total number of players, who’ve visited this quest and their success is also taken into account. Therefore you may completely rely upon the quest’s rating.  The most popular quests are the most interesting and fascinating.

So, may this article help you to choose the right escape game for you. Now you have a brief but complete overview of the information about quests. Try yourself in new roles and have a good time with your family, friends or colleagues. You won’t be bored!