Escape Game The Secret of Moriarty

The brilliant British detective Sherlock Holmes has struggled with a number of criminals in his life, but none of them has ever tested his skills like Professor James Moriarty, the only adversary ever to match Sherlock’s intellect. The duel of their brilliant minds seems to have ended with Moriarty’s death, but is that really true? Newly discovered recordings suggest that everything is different and James Moriarty lives – in Prague. He will certainly continue to realize his dark plans here, and this time there will be no Sherlock Holmes to stand up to him. Will you replace his place? That’s what Questland offers to you!

Duel with the evil Professor Moriarty

In this new escape game inspired by the stories of the famous Baker Street detective and his friend Dr. Watson, you will experience a nerve-wracking adventure full of interesting tasks, puzzles, ciphers and objects. The whole game takes place in realistic interiors using the latest technologies in collaboration with film tricks and effects experts. Even SMART technology or Dolby Surround’s with superior sound quality helps to create the atmosphere of our escape rooms. In order to win in the battle with Professor Moriarty, you will need a working collaboration with all your team members. The Moriarty escape room is at the level of the world’s best escape rooms and you will remember it for a long time.

Whether you go into battle with Moriarty as a family, a work team, or just as a group of friends, you will find an unforgettable atmosphere and a great interactive adventure. Book your appointment at the Questerland Escape Games Center in Prague and get ready for a great fight with a brilliant criminal!