Can you imagine that you and your friends are part of the jury? Responsible for someone else’s fate, you now have to work as a team to solve a murder case. Are you up for the challenge? Can you get to the bottom of what happened? One wrong decision, and an innocent man goes to jail…

An RPG game in which players find themselves as members of a jury and must make a verdict in a tangled murder case. In order for players to make a fair decision, they must compare and analyze conflicting evidence, solve logical tasks, and resist temptations that could lead to bribery.

Players have to explore a large amount of material and dive deep into all the details. As a result the jury must agree on the right decision.

Quarantine has you staying at home? Not a problem! This game is played online! To participate, you will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with headphones and a microphone. It will be more interesting and easier to play if you install the free Zoom app in advance and enable the webcam on your device. The link to the conference in Zoom will be sent to your email immediately after your booking confirmation. 

The minimum number of participants is 5 people. You can gather a large company or join an already registered game alone or with your small group — it will be interesting either way, we promise! The more participants in your team, the lower the cost of the game. If your team has less than 30 participants, other users can also join your game.

Уровень - Интересный

Сеанс - 120 мин

Игроков - 4-12

Успешность - 100%

Лучшее время - 120 мин